Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts  
This project is being implemented by the Puwakpitiya Jayawiru Samadi Institute established under the Department of Social Services. Detoxification and rehabilitation of drug addicts, providing them with Vocational Training and Community based rehabilitation are being carried out under this programme. As for programmes, drug prevention and counselling programmes are being implemented. The Department of the Social Services is the only Government Institution which has carried out these activities from one place.  
The Institute will admit drug addicts for basic detoxification and they have to be residentially remaining there for a period of not more than two months. There, the drug addicts have to participate in basic rehabilitation activities like yogi meditation, individual counselling, and drug prevention activities, etc.  
As the second stage in the rehabilitation programme, the drug addicts who have been detoxified are given community base rehabilitation and vocational training. They are directed to long rehabilitation processes which include group counselling, family counselling meeting the parents, physical and mental orientation Psychological treatments, informal education etc. After studying carefully the mental and physical behavioural patterns individually, special psychological treatments etc. are given for rehabilitation.  
After community base rehabilitation and vocational training those who have successfully undergone vocational training are provided with sets of tools, driving license and introduction to employment opportunities in the Government and Private sector.  
Jayawiru Samadhi Nivahana  
North Ambalamwatta, Puwakpitiya, Avissawella.  
Tele : 060 3361999  
Prevention of Drugs  
During prevention programmes are conducted under the awareness programmes for school children in including awareness among the officers in government and private sectors and the general public provision of counselling services and making available the service of resource persons to various institutions under drug prevention programmes.  
Financial provisions have been made to all the Divisional Secretariat on request, except those in the Northern Province to conduct drug prevention programmes under the “Gama Neguma” programme.  
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