Providing special identity cards to those with dull hearing

  • Providing artificial limbs -  Report of the Social Service Officer recommended  by the District Secretary.
  • Providing eye lenses (Rehabilitation of the impairment of vision Fund).
  • Providing self employment relieves (Rehabilitation of the impairment of vision Fund).
  • Allowance for pre-school Teachers – specially trained teachers/degree holders/Diploma holders from educational institutes are entitled to apply
  • Assistance for external training – for occupational trainees registered in Government institutions for volunteers.
  • Pre school education, medical consultations. Medical clinics, clinical services, consultancy services, Environment for hearing impairments and other mobile services for children with special requirements.
  • Providing Tool Kits worth Rs.1000/- and certificates for the trainees who have accordingly completed their training.
  • Persons with dull hearing are provided with dumb translators.