“To be the Forerunner of Human Development”


“To make those who are subject to disasvantaged situation in the society, active stakeholders in the national development process by providing needy services and empowering them”


“We shall together build a nation of human being with merit happiness and pride”



  • Let us always render our services without hesitation.
  • Let us preserve our self-discipline.
  • Let us respect each other.
  • Let us dedicate oursselves for the needs of beneficiary without conditions.
  • Let us do today itself what should be done today.
  • Let us make the happiness of the beneficiary, as our own happiness.
  • Let us dedicate ourselves for service within the exploratory investigation.
  • Let us give a solution for every problem.
  • Let us be prepared prior to risk.
  • Let us provide creative approach for causative factors of social problems.
  • Let us work in empathy.
  • Let us work as one family.
  • Let us provide a service based on human compassion.
  • Let us appreciate everyone's skills.
  • Let us devote every moment for service.



  • Rehabilitation of disabled persons and further improvement of their vocational skills and providing them with employment opportunities.
  • Early detection and early intervention of children with special needs.
  • Rehabilitation of drug addicts and integrating them in to the society.
  • Enhancing the knowledge of service providers through awareness and training programmes.



  • Providing vocational training for disabled male and female youth, providing assistive devices for them trade tools for self employment and referring them for open employments.
  • Referring children with special needs for inclusive education.
  • Protection to mentally retarded male children who do not have guardians.
  • Providing financial assistance to voluntarily organizations conducting welfare activities for disabled persons.
  • Issuing special identity cards for persons with impaired hearing.
  • Providing sign language interpreter services to facilitate the routine work of the persons with hearing impairment.
  • Providing eye lenses to persons under 60 years of age with visual impairment to regain their eye sight and other relief.
  • Intergration of drug addicts to the society.
  • Recommendation for duty free concessions for donations received from abroad and recommendation of charity concession to the registered voluntary organizations.
  • Recommendation for registration for approval of charity status, obtaining concessions for electricity bills and water bills for approved charity organizations
  • Referring various requests including assistance for necessary actions.